Singing, songwriting and artistic development for upcoming artists

You are:
+ someone who has always wanted to sing, write songs or develop as an artist - no matter if you are a complete beginner or advanced - no matter what age you are!
+ someone who wants to grow their confidence as a performer
+ someone who feels frustrated of working alone in a room and would want to share it and get professional feedback, develop faster
+ someone who wants secret tips, tricks and methods that would make all this easier - about performing or songwriting
+ someone who needs to get ready for a specific performance or write a song, needs someone to help
+someone who wants to enjoy all of this adventure in a joyful and inspiring way!

I am professional singer and award-winning songwriter.
I have 15 years of experience in the field and in this time, I have dedicated myself to understand the inner works of great performers and artists.
I have the experience of over 1000 live performances all over the world.
I have studied singing and songwriting in many schools and private teachers in US, UK and Sweden. This gives me a variety of methods that I can help you to develop.
I have been a songwriting and artistic development coach, helping people prepare for performances etc.
I am friendly, in my early 30s and I live in Østebro.

Sounds good? Lets talk!
PS. I'm still working on my Danish - and one day I will be able to speak it!


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2. jan. 2021

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