Energisk frontman søger professionelt orkester eller cover orkester

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  • Rock
  • Soul / R&B

I am looking for a professional-minded band

You are an experienced band / musician, who has been working in the field for some time and is professional.
You don't have time for bullshit and want to get out there and play and enjoy the connection with the audience and get payed.
You have been putting years into mastering your craft and are at a level where you don't want to spend unnecessary time with people learning songs in the rehearsal room but more create some magic on the stage.
You are joyful, musically open-minded and team-players.

I have been working as a singer for almost 15 years - in the genres of rock, blues, soul, funk and pop with the experience of over 1000 performances.
I know what entertainment means and what is expected from a good frontman - not only good vocal delivery, but high energy, engaging people - making them sing, dance and be happy.
I have a repertoire around 200 cover songs I can sing. I do my homework and expect you to do yours.

I would prefer a soul / funk band - but I'm happy to have a mix of songs across many genres - to have a good party band.

Check out my last music video.

More videos by Ike Rann on YouTube

Or you can find me singing, my vibe and songwriting

PS. I'm learning Danish - but please bare with me for a bit - the struggle is real :P


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2. jan. 2021

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