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I am looking for songwriters and producers (or teams, labels) to work with.

You are a producer and/or songwriter (can be teams) who has a joyful and professional vibe.
You have done some co-writes and have an open mind about music. You have a wish to create music and make something happen with it - not just create a ton of half-finished demos and “harddrive hits” on your computer lying around.
You have a wish to create something fresh - not just to copy whatever is out there.

I am an expereinced singer and songwriter. I’ve been writing songs for 15 years and releasing them.
I have also received an award for a songwriting competition on BBC Radio. I have been doing songwriting workshops and working as creative development coach for other artists. I have international contacts to get good songs out.
My strengths as a writer are: coming up with strong central ideas, creating hooks and catchy choruses/ melodies, writing lyrics, understanding / enhancing harmonical structures/forms.
I have studied this with mentors and courses in US, UK and Sweden.
I can play sing, guitar and a little bit of piano.
I am always interested in working for new material as an artist, working for songs for other artists with potential and working on my catalogue with the intention to get a publisher for the songs.
I’m new in Copenhagen but hope to develop good long-term relationships with the right people.

You can listen to my work as an artist - my songwriting, voice and style:

Or if you don’t have Spotify, you can listen to my latest album “Synchronize”:…/sets/01-right-things-wrong…/s-4eg85

PS. I'm learning Danish - but please bare with me for a bit - the struggle is real :P


Sanger søger Producer

5. feb. 2020

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