Awesome Freestyle RAPPER! Amazing Singer also!

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Wass Up! Im 21 years old, doing it like no other in the game, why? whats different about you huh?

Well let me tell you!

I started singing when i was in diaper, its true ask your mom i sound like an angel muhahha.

for real though, i have adhd therefor means i rap, things you wouldnt really think of, until you do.

i think differently, i operate that way also. i can rap about how your mom, busted a nut, nutting you into the world, then you ate nuts, and became nuts, which made you taste a bit nutty, aint i funny.

my singing well thats just amazing, nothing there really;).

my rapping: well let me tell you, im not perfect, cuz then id have to be infected, with a perfume. and then im fueled with fumes, which kinda makes me "hatshu" hide peka boo, found you, now what is 1 plus 2= thats how many chilli you get whitout the chees, count them aint there 3?
eat slow, before i join, let lose, dont be a foul, youll get used like a tool, mama did you lose your shoe? whait thats cinderalla, hiding from casper who? doctor my boo. take that fast, fight broke loss, trew my shoe, cinderalla my bubu, pick me pick me, i will catch it all, trust how i foward , backward, stack and flip, back now, wow that was a trip, circling the drain, exsept i didnt press it in, now are you convinced or do i need to get your daddy on the phone, cuz i heard he like em young, didnt you hear the doorbell ding dong, banana long, your mama went amok, fruit punch flew , she called me a jew, asked her why? cuz you stingy with you pussy, told her he ate the cookie, like cosby , cuz of me, yall will live happily , thank your brother , he can have it, without the fee, cookie for free, imma monster the D, without the addy, cuz thats how issues, got drawn, before dawn, i predict , we will either be friends or eniemies, depends on how we play, wanna catch a body, or lay dead as one?

(btw this is all freestyled :P)
i am Dyslexic, so dont judge my writing, ya daddy already tried it son, now lets eat sum buns, come on son. hehe ;)
(yea i could go on and on , so imma stop before its to long)
you still on? or do i have to catch you pokemon style son:D


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17. feb. 2020

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