Experienced English guitarist/singer/composer seeks Drummer

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Hi, Im Don Romeo.

Due to my former travelling lifestyle and foreign status here, I dont have a band. I am looking to build the core of a project with you. If you are a good drummer who is not limited by genre, and can transition between hard and soft, textured passages, then we could be unstoppable.

I bring a lot of experience and decent technical ability, a confident singing voice, character and very original music that is closest to 90s Radiohead and Deftones. Atmospheric metal/rock that is not afraid of the dark. I have a musical ear. I also speak to a pretty decent level in Danish, and your reply can be in either language.

Ive been in the recording studio for some time now, and have about 7 songs done without drums. I am just over thirty, (I lost several years 'livin la vida loca') and dont see that as an issue. I still want to get signed, but in the meantime would love to record and gig, and other ambitious people are especially welcome.

Drafts of the songs Ive written recently can be found on donromeo.bandcamp.com
You can also find me on Soundcloud or whatever it is, by searching for Don Romeo.

This could genuinely be very exciting, as we are going to be unique and true to music, and we will stand out.

I am also seeking a decent bassist for gigging.

Don Romeo

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Guitarist søger Trommeslager

18. marts 2020

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